started working at this place a yr ago.. This guy was vaping and noticed I was smoking and started telling me about vaping.. Anyway after a few times seeing him I mentioned it to my wife.. She was all like "I love me some smoking" so didn't vape then.. FF a yr and my wife goes one day hey lets start vaping I was all like "Ok" and we went to a vape shop in Huston Pa near where she works and we got a vape pen.. We started vaping on the 25th I stopped literally on that Friday carried a pack of cigs wit me for a week and decided I didn't need it.. A defining moment for me was about 3 weeks after vaping and deciding I gave up smoking I was using an RTA and I didn't do it right and got a bad wick hit.. I didnt bring any atomizers or anything so I had a choice.. Drive 3 mins to get cigs or 20 mins to get vape gear.. My choice was simple I went and got vape gear in the middle of work.. Anyway this is my story and I am sticking to it................ No but really if you smoke you should try vaping it will be better for you and you might actually quit.. When we got those vape pens I thought it was going to be like how some people smoke cigars but it really made me not wanna smoke.. I wasn't planning on quitting it just happened... I am glad it did but I have to see the end process in a yr to see a difference since I stopped so early.. 1 good/bad thing is I smell all kinda weird things now.. and food is better.. or worse depending on who is cooking..